Be sure to select an emergency storage battery!  There are three points to focus on!


When choosing a storage battery, there are a few points to keep in mind.

There are various features even when combined with storage batteries, and when choosing a product,

In what environment is the amount of power consumption, and lifestyle

I have to think about it.

Here are some points to identify.

After all, storage capacity is the first.

The amount of power that can be used and the time that can be used vary greatly depending on the capacity.

In addition, it is a type of storage battery that is used for storage batteries when a power failure occurs.

Currently, the most used storage battery is a lithium ion battery.

However, whether or not a lithium-ion battery can be used repeatedly in an emergency (power failure) varies greatly depending on the material used to manufacture the lithium-ion battery.

Our only product that does not ignite or explode due to overcharge or damage is an iron phosphate lithium ion battery.

Lithium-ion batteries manufactured in other ternary systems (formerly used in hybrid cars), manganese-based or cobalt-based batteries cannot be used repeatedly in the event of an emergency power outage.

It is difficult to continue to store electricity in a stable state, and there is a risk of fire and explosion if repeatedly used continuously with heat.

We recommend reconfirming the materials that make up the lithium-ion battery that you already have.



Next is life.

The service life is determined by the number of charge / discharge cycles.

If you exceed the guaranteed number of times, the storage capacity will gradually decrease.

This number is slightly different depending on the manufacturer and the product, so please know in advance.

There are other points to check,

Among them, important capacities, types of lithium-ion batteries,

Make sure to check the service life.