Our EPS storage battery with iron phosphate lithium ion battery is safe!


If the existing lights continue to light without losing in case of disaster (disaster, power outage, etc.) A completely independent solar town that is not connected to a lifeline Carrying streetlight laughing series, even women can carry In addition, the E.P.S series of portable storage batteries that can supply power to the electronic devices around you at the time of evacuation and at the same time charge the main unit can be used continuously. In addition, lithium ion secondary batteries used in portable storage batteries and LED solar street lights handled by our company employ and incorporate iron phosphate lithium ion secondary batteries, so the risk of ignition and explosion of the storage battery It can be used safely and safely. For those who are considering various products, we recommend using comparative materials to determine what materials (raw materials) the lithium ion secondary battery is made of, rather than price and gorgeous PR. Prepared for everyday use, if you have a candy, it will be on your side We will make a proposal to deliver “safety”. This is the first time we have created an English version. Please take a moment to respond to inquiries or requests for quotations in English. I will. In the future, part of the official website will be changed to English. Please look forward to it. Thank you for watching.